See-Saws and Teeter-Totters

I remember as a kid growing up (yes, “way back yonder”), my buddies and I would occasionally jump on the see-saw at the neighborhood park. I wasn’t a big fan of “ups and downs”, but it was a fun twist to our normal ball-playing or bike-riding.

Depending on the size of my friend at the teeter-tottering event, my journey downward on that splintery strip of wood with a metal handle sometimes ended in a bone-jarring thud. Then upward I’d go, losing my stomach along the way toward the clouds! Two or three cycles of that stuff and I was ready for my bat and glove. Time to get my feet back on solid ground, throwing the ole baseball around the diamond where I felt at ease and safe!

Wow!  Those body-shaking experiences on the playground see-saw are all too familiar with the emotion-shaking and sometimes earth-shattering adventures we call daily life.  Some moments our world is “up”, and we soar in the clouds, enjoying our family and friends to the fullest, with feelings of joy in the pit of our stomachs.  Suddenly, the bottom falls out of our emotional teeter-totter, and we come crashing to the ground of reality.  Oh, that this Christian life would just smooth out for a while, and we could only have happy times to enjoy!

The sobering truth is that this life on Earth will always be filled with peaks and valleys, highs and lows, ups and downs.  But unlike the helpless feeling of reeling uncontrollably as you bounce up and down on a wooden teeter-totter seat, we don’t have to face life’s raging ebb and flow alone!  We do not have to feel hopeless and deserted when our breath is taken away in one day’s flurry of unwanted disappointment.  Our Bible tells us that to know Jesus Christ as our personal Savior is have “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding” (Phillipians 4:7).

So no matter what ups and downs we may have to face in our daily journey we call Life, we can rest assured that Christ will be there with us, to lift us up and set us right back on that see-saw!


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