A Very Thankful Husband

Yes, it has been a long time since I have blogged. It’s not been intentional, by any means. I love to write, and I’ve really missed the pen and the page. But with Tonya’s stroke catching our family by surprise, my priorities have had to change quite a bit. But that’s OK, because I’ve learned that I needed to make a few changes in several areas of my life. One of which is… Mark needs to be a much more thankful husband!

After my wife almost passed on before me due to her massive stroke, I began to realize that some things we tend to think are most important pale in comparison to the life-changing realities brought on by a tragic event. Sure, we like to have nice cars, the latest clothes, and extra money in the bank, or, to spend! But I’ve been reminded these past few months the most important things in life are our relationship to God through salvation, and our relationships with our family. God has truly blessed me with two great sons, as I have mentioned before. For this, I’m a very thankful Dad. But the most important person on this earth to me is my precious wife. Being with her through what has been the greatest storm in our lives has made me a more thankful Husband.

For a period of time, I had begun to take my wife for granted in certain areas of our marriage. I had become a little less grateful for the lovely lady God had blessed me with. Now I have come to experience the reality that life is very short, and we should spend each day honoring and loving those dearest to us, for we never know “what a day may bring forth” (Proverbs 27:1). Yes, I am a forever-changed man since this storm God allowed into our lives has blown through and left noticeable physical damage. He has taught me to praise Him in the midst of the storm, even when we don’t understand why. He has brought indescribable peace and a song of praise that I never imagined possible through Tonya’s trial. And He has amazingly put a renewed thankfulness in my heart for my spouse, that has caused me to cherish every moment of every day with her.

As my wife continues to heal, and our relationship continues to grow stronger, I thank God for his love and forgiveness. And I hope from now on to be known as a Very Thankful Husband!


Comments on: "A Very Thankful Husband" (3)

  1. Mark, you are a very strong man that has been made even stronger through this difficult trial. God Bless you and your family. We keep you in our prayers.

  2. You are an amazing person, Mark. You have stood tall and strong throughout this trial when so many people nowadays would just turn tail and run. Every night I pray for Tonya’s continued recovery but I also say a special prayer for you –that God will continue to bless you with strength and wisdom to help you during this time. I am very proud of my cousin. XOXOXO

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