“Best of the Class!”

Yesterday, my “verythankfuldad” self-proclaimed nickname took another step forward in a major way.

Our youngest son Jordan, who will be graduating May 22 as Valedictorian of the Elk Valley Christian School class of 2014, had the honor of participating in the Charleston-Huntington TV station WSAZ’s annual “Best of the Class” program. Together with more than 200 other top seniors from the Tri-state area high schools, he donned his cap and gown for this pre-graduation ceremony in front of TV cameras and news reporters…and needless to say, some very proud parents…including me.

Best of the Class1-edited

First, I should say I’m quite thankful he even asked me to tag along, let alone to drive him to this prestigious event more than an hour from our home. After all, tons of the soon-to-be graduates came “stag”, pulling up in their own cars, or perhaps borrowed from their folks. But this very thankful dad was invited as the guest of an Honor Graduate, and he let me know quickly what a privilege for his old man it was. Ha ha. Of course, he wished his Mom could’ve joined us, but she wasn’t “up to” the crowds…which she predicted very accurately! So, Dad alone it was, his least-favorite parent, that got to enjoy the colorful scene of high school academic all-stars from West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. Jordan was named earlier this year to the WV Christian School basketball all-star squad, and now has earned a spot representing his school with the best of the academic talent across the area as well!

Not only am I (and certainly his mother as well) extremely proud of my son’s accomplishment, being included in this once-in-a-lifetime elite group of high school seniors, I am also grateful for what God has done in his life, and the desire he has shown to serve the Lord with his divinely-bestowed talents.

And not only am I thankful for Jordan’s being named to this academic award, I am also overwhelmed with joy to think that all we who have trusted Christ as our Savior have been included in God’s “Best of the Class”! Can you imagine that?
The seniors I watched yesterday gathered for that special event were there due to their merits of outstanding achievement, hard work and hours of studying. But we? We have done absolutely nothing to earn favor with a Holy God…to be named in a group with other undeserving senior saints such as Moses, David and Paul. Yet God sent Heaven’s “Best” to give His life for our filthy rotten sins, so that through His grace and mercy, we could be so unworthily named to His “Best of the Class”. “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God” (I John 3:1)!

Now that’s the Best of the Best!!



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  2. I’m so proud of the young Christian man Jordan has become! Love him dearly!!!!

  3. I’m very proud of Jordan, as well as his parents! God is so Great!

  4. Congratulations to you all! God is great!

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