A Warm Send-Off

Recently we took our youngest son Jordan to begin his college days. It was one of the hardest things my wife and I have had to do in our lives. Yes, right alongside giving our oldest son Seth in marriage a few years ago, and her battle with suffering a massive stroke just a few months after the wedding.

Of course, take absolutely nothing away from the traumatic experience of her stroke itself, and the ups and downs of her continual but steady road to recovery since; yet, she herself has admitted several times that having to let go of our last son has indeed been nearly the most difficult struggle yet.

At least with the first goodbye, we gained a wonderful daughter in return!!  And, our eldest and his wife live only 80 miles away. However, this latest send-off landed the “baby” not 80, but 800 miles from our house!  Suddenly, the “Empty Nest Syndrome” we heard other parents talk about for many years had come to fruition with a flurry!

As tough as it has been the past several weeks now having NO boys at home, the Lord has brought us great comfort in knowing that His guiding hand has without a doubt been upon our sons. He has blessed their life-changing decisions, and has safely lead them to the places they need to be at this time in their lives. And this has warmed our hearts.

The college Jordan chose, after many months of prayer and Godly counsel, is Champion Baptist College, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas! Actually, God chose this school for Jordan, and there is no doubt in our hearts about it. Feeling called of God to preach His Word and sing His songs of Praise, the small school with the large heart and long distance from Home has turned out to be a perfect fit! God knew all along that the coldness we would feel inside of seeing our final child branch out on his own (at least temporarily), would be replaced by the snug feeling of knowing He is following God’s will for his life.

The city of Hot Springs gets its name from the literal steamy flow of water out of the surrounding hills…water hot enough to nearly scald your hand. Trip to Champion25

This has made this beautiful area one of the top tourist attractions in the country for many, many years. As we visited this historic town on our trip to release our son into this brand new adventure in his young life, we were able to enjoy the literal sweltering temperature of the natural fountains of water in that place, but more importantly, we were greeted with the warmth of Christian love, and the fiery presence of the Prince of Peace!

Yes, it was extremely difficult saying goodbye once again to our final eighteen-year-old, but what a warm Send-off, knowing that now both our sons are in the hands of Someone Who can take care of them much better than we ever could!

“They shall not hunger nor thirst; neither shall the heat nor sun smite them: for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, even by the springs of water shall he guide them.” – Isaiah 49:10

Singing in Chapel


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