Why Fear Not?

Here it comes again! This time it is from the other side, where we least expected it. This nightmare called fear has struck our heart yet again. We said we would be ready the next time we faced it, but once more, it has caught us off-guard, leaving us shaking like a leaf.

For you, it may be the concern of having enough money to provide meals for your family, or for some, the dread of a new day dawning, and what it may bring to an already downtrodden spirit. Fear is a real thing, and nobody understands how realistically it affects your daily living until faced with it oneself. However, there is good news…we don’t have to live each day in terror! God’s Word tells us many, many times to “Fear not”. Old Testament and New, the Prophets and Jesus Himself encourage us frequently to not be afraid.

As believers in Christ, we know those two simple words are strong enough to defend us against the Enemy, yet it’s not uncommon to question why it can sound so easy to do, yet be so difficult. But there is hope for our times of misgiving! One of my favorite Bible verses shows us a couple of reasons why we do not have to be afraid. In Isaiah 41:10, we at first see the familiar “Fear thou not”. Then, following this potent phrase are two powerful truths that can give us the courage to believe.

Why fear not? Because the Lord says, “I am with thee”. What Security! The great I AM, who spoke to Moses out of the burning bush, promises He will not leave us all alone to face our fears. As He was with Moses, so He is faithful to stay by our side through any apprehension we face. Praise God for His promise to never forsake us in time of need!

And why else should we not fear? Because He also declares “I am thy God”. What Sovereignty! The Creator of the Universe cares enough about His creatures to encourage us not to dread the unknown. He is powerful enough to help us conquer each and every worry, no matter from which direction they come!

Is it natural to be dismayed and cower down when life’s uncertainties present themselves unexpectedly? Absolutely! But Isaiah assures us why we don’t have to be afraid: Our sovereign God holds us securely in His arms. We can be courageous when we trust his unfailing Word!

Rejoice with me as The Collingsworth Family reminds us to “Fear Not Tomorrow”!





Comments on: "Why Fear Not?" (2)

  1. Wow! Very powerful reminder for us all when at times we are human and wonder WHY!

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