A Chilly Day in Hot Springs

My wife and I had the privilege this year of spending Thanksgiving in Hot Springs, Arkansas with our kids. As you may recall from an earlier blog post, our son Jordan is a student at the Bible college in town, so our eldest son Seth came up with the notion a while back to drive down and spend the holiday with him. And what a wonderful idea it was!! We had a blast, enjoying great food and family fun with our sons and daughter-in-law! While we certainly missed the usual November holiday feast at “Grandma’s house”, it was such a blessing to share a lot of close-knit moments with just our grown children at a rented condo on Lake Hamilton.

Although the air was quite chilly compared to the balmy 100-degree temps we basked in during the initial trip to the Spa City back in the summer, we didn’t care at all. Being together as a family was all that mattered. While we were there, we returned to the National Park, and, along with all our children, once again enjoyed the sights and feel of the amazing natural wonder of nearly-boiling water gushing out of the rocks! Even the extreme coolness of the Autumn air could not overpower the warmth of the mountain springs. Seeing the rising steam reminded me of this fact even more.

Shortly after this scenic adventure, as He so often does, the Lord showed me another awesome lesson in His greatness. The breathtaking sight I described above reminded me that when we experience periods in our Christian life in which the air feels cold, and sometimes even dark and lonely, knowing Jesus as our personal Savior can bring the glow of his grace to our hearts! Salvation’s consuming fire can drive out the biting chill of depressing thoughts, and its assuring embers can rekindle the flame that may have unexpectedly become frozen by the fierceness of life’s wintry breath.

So if you suddenly find yourself in the midst of frosty days in your walk with Christ, whether self-inflicted or due to no fault of your own, please take heart…the all-sufficient One promises in His Word that He will never leave you nor forsake you (Heb 13:5).  The warmth of the Water of Life flows on forever!



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