Lessons Learned

Welcome back!! Oh… I guess you’re right. It WAS the host of this blog that vanished out of sight for a while. You all have been there ready to read all along, haven’t you? Ha ha.

Well, since crossing the 50-yd line a couple of years ago, I guess I’ve earned the right to forget every once in awhile.  Whataya say?  Ok, maybe more often than not.  But who’s counting anyway, right?  Fortunately, tho’, I’ve also lost track of the number of lessons learned in this first half-century-plus of my life!  And most of those, unfortunately, have been learned the hard way.  However, I do recall a few valuable educational encounters that I’d like to share today, in the hopes that you the reader will be able to dodge a hard-knock or two:

Never cross a busy highway between two lanes of stopped cars when there is a right-turn lane empty!  I’m thankful I’ve always been pretty book-smart, but common sense was just not one of God’s gifts to me.  Walking home from Jr High School one Friday many years ago, I tried that, without looking to see if a moving car was in that third lane.  Lesson learned… after a 2-day hospital stay and 6 stitches in my head!  God spared this goofy kid’s life that October afternoon, and to this day (yes, you can do the math!) I look a zillion times left and right before crossing the smallest street!

Never discipline your children when you’re angry!  Do administer proper correction when necessary to train those rugrats, yes, but always be sure the steam has been released from under your own collar first!  This saves remorse and regrets.  I’ve learned that apologizing to your kids is one of the hardest things to do, yet can be avoided by simply stepping back and praying before stepping up to proceed.

Trust me, there are many other advantageous attainments I could share with you from my adventurous personal history, but I’ll finish this post with the best one.  A lesson learned….the easy way.

Say “yes” when Jesus calls you!!  Even earlier in my youth (as I’ve blogged before), as a 6-year old boy, the Lord showed me I was a sinner in need of His saving grace, and my precious parents told me that Jesus paid the price for my sins by shedding His blood on the cross.  That glorious day, John 3-16I learned that if I would trust what Jesus did for me, he would save me and wash my sins away.  And He did exactly as He promised!!

Yes, I’ve gained alot of knowledge about this life through blunders and bad decisions, but the greatest lesson learned by far is that a simple, childlike faith can change your life.  Both now…and for eternity!


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  1. Amen, Cousin Mark… and welcome back.

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